Hillside Park


Located on Busteed Street


Poolside Park


Located between Pacific and Manitoba Avenues

Poolside Park Committee:

  • Terra Lynn Charteris
  • Trina Charteris
  • Heather Wack

Fairground Park


Located below Railway Avenue



The Kerrobert Wildlife Federation Trout Pond/Park is stocked with ready-to-catch fish and is fun for the whole family. Drive or take a walk out using the Kerrobert Interpretive Nature Trail.

Nature Trail


The Kerrobert Interpretive Nature Trail Committee is a partnership between members of the Kerrobert Communities in Bloom Committee and the Kerrobert Wildlife Federation. Under the umbrella of the Town of Kerrobert, the group’s vision and goal was to build and maintain a nature trail for the residents of Kerrobert.

Our project has been a nature trail that leads out to our Wildlife Federation Reservoir Enhancement Project. Our focus is on enhancing the quality of life through physical activity for all our citizens, as well as encouraging awareness and appreciation of our environment.

If you have any questions about our Nature Trail please contact the Town of Kerrobert at (306) 834-2361