Permits & Application Information

Development Permits and Building Permits are required for any development over 9.3 square metres or 100 square feet in size; and for Decks which are in excess of 2.0 feet or 0.609 metres above ground level. An Accesory Building Form will be required if building detached garages or accesory buildings over 9.3 Square metres or 100 square feet in size.

Unless a building is being moved onto the property or demolished, the usual forms to be submitted to the Town are the Development Permit Application & the Building Permit Application & Accesory Building Form (if needed) along with any engineered drawings or plans.  Depending on the complexity of the proposed development, other engineered studies and/or plans may be required.  Please contact the Town Office if you have any questions.

The Development Permit and Building Permit and accompanying documentation is to be submitted to the Town Office where it will be reviewed by our Planning and Development Officials. If all documentation is satisfactory and the development meets all Bylaws, Building Codes, and any other pertinent legislation, it is sent to Town Council for approval. Once approved by Council, the forms are submitted to our Building Officials. Once reviewed, a Building Permit will be issued. NO DEVELOPMENT IS ALLOWED TO TAKE PLACE WITHOUT A BUILDING PERMIT.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Town Office at (306) 834-2361 during business hours, or email: